Get a warranty for your vehicle

At Essex Auto Retail we provide warranties from Warranty Assist on all our used cars and vans.

You can choose 3, 6, 12, or 24 months cover.

The following components are covered by the warranty plan:

  • Engine
    All internally lubricated parts are covered including:
    Camshafts & bearings, camshaft followers & rockers (including hydraulic lash adjusters), connecting rods & bearings,
    crankshaft & bearings, cylinder block, cylinder bores & liners & seals, cylinder heads, internal bushings & bearings, oil pump
    & drive, pistons & rings, timing gears, chain, tensioner, valves, springs & guides (burnt or pitted valves and valve seats are not covered).
  • The following engine part is also covered:
    Cylinder head gasket.
  • Flexible drive plate
    Flexible drive plate for the automatic transmission’s torque
  • Gearboxes
    (Including automated manual gearboxes, automatic gearboxes, four wheel drive transfer gearboxes, hybrid transaxles, manual gearboxes and transaxles.)
    Automatic transmission brake bands & clutches, gears, hydraulic gear-shift governors & internal servos & valve blocks,
    internal bearings & bushes, oil pumps, selector forks, shafts (all, including extension shafts), synchromesh hubs and rings and torque converter.
  • Transmissions
    (including front & centre & rear differentials, front & rear live axles and drive shafts.)
    Constant velocity joints, crown wheels & pinions, differential gears & thrust washers, external drive shafts, internal bushes & bearings & shafts and propeller shafts & propeller universal
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Please note that all part exchange vehicles, vehicles over 12 years old, 120k miles or both are strictly sold as seen and sold on the basis of auto salvage. These vehicles are untested, deemed unroadworthy and are not warranted. They should be inspected by the buyer fully and trailered away. Please refer to the receipt that you will be asked to sign for T&C’s.